Nate Brown, Jesse Lee re-entry 2018

I am working at Loveland’s possessed, premiere dive bar, on the shady side of the street….just cause the sun doesn’t hit it right, and hasn’t since 1910.  Cool.  So, I just got off the phone with my first love drummer in Colorado, Sir Nate Brown…thought I lost a number in the Mexico phone debacle….that story sometime soon.

Anyhoo, I got the number I needed, had it all along, like we always do….  Looks like there is another thing being built over there, with all my boyz, yet again.  GOD I LOVE YOU CRAZY uber talented MF’S!!!  (thank you, yet again….muah!!)

Not sure where I was going with this one, because I’m also busy singing out of tone, no clue how, balls to the wall.  Just DO IT.  It feels good.  Real good.  The dogs n cats think I rock.  Complete with howling, which tells me I am a little off the page here, again.  Who gives a flying rat ….., no one here to hear, except the critterz, and they think I rock.


I’m going to keep this up, and hopefully tell some good tales, incognito.  Looks like KBPI is now on the 107-9 stick.  Offices?  In LOVELAND fkn Colorado.  Good.  Because Rock n Roll lives in Loveland, Colorado.  I’m the headquarters.  For real.  GLOBAL, original, and such.  JS.

god damn it, fkn tech difficulties with the pics here, keeps freezing up…the whole computer……well, ok, I guess I am going to work on frustration-NOW-in yet another way.  Really?  Good girl.  Really.  Okeechobee Dokie.

Rock On, for now.  Love.     970-217-15228  think I actually got my own info right this time.


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