Stardate? the year 2020…deadline is now…

fb_img_1576040929728I am back.  Another novel or two has happened since I last wrote.  I stopped because my dad got an email through google plus, which I do not use personally, with the word fuck in the information line.  He is dead now, so I can continue without worrying about further disappointing and offending him.  May he RIP.  We went out well, with class, decency and diplomacy.  If you can die classy, my dear ‘ol Dad set the bar high.

I have attempted to allow new relationships to flourish, and failed, miserably, again.  Yet, the time it takes me to realize I’m not growing anywhere good in these situations, has lessened.  The pain has not, but the healing process/self reflection and assumption of responsibility for my own failures deal, has come quite a ways.

Currently, I have set a Marla record for time spent alone, wisely and by choice.  The critterz can teach me a lot, when I’m listening.  I am working on knowing me, yet again, at this juncture in the time elapsed photo that is my life.

Time is precious.  The only possible commodity that may exist, and cannot be altered.  I am very aware of how very precious Time is.  With that said, I could give a flying rat fuck what others are saying regarding my said use of time.  My time is mine, and mine only.  I can piss it out the window, or I can get on the stick and realize waste of that precious commodity is absolutely a choice.  Live large, or go die under the porch.  I don’t care what you choose, and it is imperative I take notes NOW with what I choose.

I have found myself out of the public eye paid in downtown Loveland.  I can smell the corrupt stink in the air on the circumstances that put me in a spot where I am very clearly aware that gentrification is happening.  Ok, fine.  However, the powers that be, need to answer a few questions that I’d never even thought about, until now.  I don’t have proof, but I have my own firsthand knowledge on the subject.  I will report back.  If something happens to me in the meantime, someone feed the cats n dogs please.

I have chosen to flip the lid on this life I live, again, and taken a solitary position, LLC to LLC.  I will report back on that as well.

I’m reading voraciously, as always.  Common theme….El Paso, Texas.  I was born in El Paso, Texas.  Looks like I need to go to El Paso, Texas.

No one heals in a straight line.  Think and grow rich.  Law of the Universe.  You are what you put in your head.  Believe.

I am going to attempt to do this every day, and I have written on paper as well during the time I’ve not been writing here.  It’s an accurate reflection of what/where and such.  Here, I must be very careful to edit!!  On paper, no edits necessary.  I am too old to be grounded over stuff in my diary.  No one is looking to read it these days, and I’m not sure anyone who found said writings would know what it is anyway.

I am going to hand bind the first editions of the three books.  Today, I start again.  It’s a process.  If Erin can finish and entire second novel, I should be able to get the coffee table book assembled and put together.  What it looks like sort of matters.  Actually doing it is the road I’ve just chosen to drive.  Practice, practice, practice.

BTW, cheers mates, happy holidayz, so glad we are almost done with the dark days.

Harvie Krumpet has the vampire dental set up. Cats are the answer.  “Get two Siamese kittens, they look like strippers”–David Lee Roth on why dogs are better than cats.



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