I’ll be dressed as the ‘bagless-home-lady’. 01/02/20

20191202_211910I will do my best to dress accordingly.   Since we are not going to NAMM this year, I think I need to pop into El Paso, Texas.  Not sure when, but I’ll know soon.  More messages from the beat I walk that no one hears.

It’s been a good couple here.  I got oysters and shrimp cocktail, flown in, so proper like.  Here in Colorado it is not like on the beaches, where I could call someone and have it delivered off the boats.  That was awhile ago.  It will happen again.  No doubt.  Until then, it was quite a lovely surprise to find such lovely things locally here in little ‘ol Loveland.

Today is Angie’s birthday, so we face timed way early for us.  Things are looking good, both fronts.  Cheers mate.

Doing hair at the house spontaneously this evening.  Santana on the tune box.  I still refuse to have any media in the house.  I do make exceptions, when I choose, for programming I choose to watch.

Currently, loved the movie Drunk Parents.  Watched it over and over for a period of time.  I’m now on Good Girls, which I thoroughly enjoy.  I find YOU odd, and there is some stuff I decide is too stupid to even watched stoned.

I accepted the job. I’m excited for the first time in 12 years about this one.

Illinois legalized rec marijuana.  Finally.  Like New Year’s Day.  What a hoot.  I grew up in Illinois, so this makes my day.  Wonder if they will let out all the people who were locked up for pot during the War on Drugs.  Just yesterday, I was watching TV at a bar, as I don’t have TV in the house here, and, there was a commercial for a drug to help with your opiate drug addiction.  WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK PEOPLE?!  Jumbo shrimp.

The saga of ‘the purple mouse’ continues…  Today, said mouse once again woke up in the dog water bowl.  The secret life of pets indeed!!

Talked to Wes today, that front is going well as well.  Brought Sergio a Pizza from W.E.L.  Well, with that said, remember, “No one heals in a straight line”.

Tonight is Thursday.  I have felt like it is Monday all day, and yesterday felt like Sunday, all day.  Holidayz indeed.

Working on Tommy’s resume.  And, getting guitar fixed.  I have time tomorrow to do a few things that are on the burner.  Work early Saturday.  This early thing is going to be the biggest test.  I’m naturally nocturnal.  So there’s that.

This one is a test pattern.  The systems are still a work in progress.  Progress being the key word.  Literal definition:  forward or onward movement toward a destination.  Check.

This AM I gave the dogs canned dog food as a treat.  It was sunny, made the stage in the jammies, and spoiled the critters.  The clicking of toenails in excitement mode made my day better after the initial start.  It was right about then, the decision to take the job was decided mutually.   Ralph is my latest Boss.  I have to drive, and do mornings-ish.  So, you know I really am doing this on purpose.  Mornings are not my natural habitat.  I start Monday, officially.  Wooo HOOOOO.

This chapter in the book will be literal.  JS.  Help a sister out, LIKE, SHARE and all that.  I’m looking at numbers here folks.  Plz n thx.

Computer genius me, now going to merge systems in here.  Pray.  Cheers!


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FB page:  Marla Stone. Enterprises, Inc.


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