The “City”? The “Brothers”? questions… 01/03/2020

As of November 21st, 2019, I found myself without my favorite Part-Time gig here in Loveland, Colorado.  I worked on the main drag, a whopping 3 blocks, (now 6 blocks) downtown….  In a place called Chiller’s Bar & Grill.  I had two day shifts, 9a-5p, and Saturday nights, 8p-12a in the backbar.  Perfect for the life I lead!  Semi-retired, and, totally retired out of my career.

My career entailed working for CBS, in an O&O newsroom, back when females didn’t work in such settings.  Inquisitive I am.  Investigative is what the label revolved into sometime after I had moved on to much bigger broadcast things.

I digress.  I am feeling old.

Chiller’s was denied a renewal on the liquor license due to …..


Yeah, I don’t see the reason here either.  I see the date.

Rumors abound.  None substantiated, yet.  So many more questions arise, and God knows I’ve got the time to ask questions, and research answers.  Little niggling questions like:  How can a ‘month to month’ lease work for this past 6 years?  How can a liquor license change hands without the City/fire department-inspections/landlord being looked at for the shape of the building?

The ‘shape’ of the building was heinous.  Big holes in back bar with black mold visible…water leaking in through the roof into our liquor room, like flash flood level leakage, not to mention the front bar, where buckets were always out when rain/snow happened.

Then this:  NOTE THE DATE.  I did.


That sign disappeared very soon after being erected.  No answer to that mystery, yet.

Local Media wrote a story or two:

                                        Retro 102.5 (FM) story here:

                                         Reporter Herald story here:

Chillers Bar and Grill closed after liquor license renewal denied by city

No one mentioned the landlords…”the Morgan brothers“.  No one mentioned “the city”.

  No one really checked any facts.  I am.

I want the facts because something left me with a lot of time on my hands.  I smell something dirty, corrupt, and just wrong.  Inquiring mind, I have.  As an employee, I have firsthand knowledge.  I am connecting dots, and the line is not straight.

Shiny thing:  Colorado real estate is big business.  Especially, commercial Colorado real estate.  Although residential is booming, and has been since I landed in Colorado, August of 1997.  In the words of Ray Croc, “LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION”.  Makes me want McDonald’s.  Stat.

TO BE CONTINUED…anyone want to comment?  Feel free:  970-217-1528. 




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2 thoughts on “The “City”? The “Brothers”? questions… 01/03/2020

  1. Keep digging my friend. What are the conditions of other business buildings that are attached to Chillers? Do Morgan Brothers own them as well?
    Keep asking!


    1. Not sure who owns what. I’m sure that name keeps popping up.
      Day jobs, and all the others are what I do.
      I’m not going to stop on this one….any n all help appreciated.
      You own property in Loveland, ask questions.
      I’ve got to take a day off to even make appointments….
      My house is my priority, and the money it takes to keep it.
      It’s just me over here.


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