Sparks come out of cats’ toes! 01/05/2019



At one of my offices, taking a break from the paid writing.

All puppies are spoken for!!

Are Black Tigers real? I say yes. No concrete proof.


Practice run. Tech test. It’s a spiderweb.


Spiderwebs have to be spun, and they’re incredibly strong when made.

Love the cape!


sing like no one is listening. “Randy the Singing Waiter” is how I met him.

Juan is my Shaman, not retired. Anna Mary is still my fav bro!

Back to the sparks and cat toes.  (shiny thing)  Technically, this is called static electricity.  In a non humid climate (Colordo), the cat’s fur builds up quite the electrical charge.  Pet the cat…that causes friction to enter the equation.  Both you, and the cat, experience a shock.  In the dark this looks and is “sparks coming out of the cat’s toes”.  The drier the air (O2), the more static ELECTRICITY in the cat’s fur.  JS.


Yeah, Chinese food starter kit.  She is alive and well….so, now it’s ok.  Bwwwwhhhaaa.


Cats are the answer.  Fuck trees. JS.

that is all, rock on.  much love.


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FB page:  Marla Stone. Enterprises, Inc.




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