Puppy “Accident”, “needs good home”. 01/06/2020

For the new people, I have been working, personally, “rescuing”, TNR, and all things animal since I was 9 years of age.  Back then, I would just bring them home, and I didn’t understand the cost/time of that action.  I did it out of emotion back then.  I still do it, understanding that one dog is 2k a year in vet bills, healthy, and time training is the equivalent to having a two year old human forever, on top of work, house cleaning, and all such life things.


Currently, I have a feral colony,  and 2 dogs.  One is a rescue, female marker, and the other is a “show dog”.  A $450 dollar “show dog”.  That dog was a gift.  The person that “gifted me said dog”, spent zero time training said dog, while I was working 2 jobs, 15 hours a day, six days a week, in order to keep my house.  I signed the agreement on the house, so that means ME.

Animals are cute when they are little.  They need food, care, attention, and that costs a lot.  They grow up.  Without attention, proper training, spay/neuter, they create more problems.  They do not fare well in the end without a person who actually cares.

Life is not beautiful, and accidental doesn’t exist.  People put animals in a mess, and then other people, like me, go around and “rescue”.

For that matter, most people who let their pets breed because it’s “life is beautiful”, or they are too fucked up to notice, are the same people who breed out of control, and then expect people like me to pick up the tab.

FUCK YOU ALL.  I am tired.  And, I feel bad when I say no, and turn away.  I’m not sure where one line ends, and the other begins.  However, those that need rescue will end up taking me down all the way around, and then move on to the next “softie” and do the same thing there.  I will not allow it here with me anymore.  Consider yourselves notified.  I vote, I work, and I think I need some help over here for being a fuck up.

Notice the line around the building?  Me neither.

Don’t call me for help because you fucked up, and fucked your animals, your offspring.  That is on YOU.  Decisions have expensive, long, hard consequences.  Yeah, by the time you figure it out, it’s a little late for the critters and little people your bad decisions fuck for life.  Be proud!  Please, for the love of sweet baby cheeses, learn how to help yourselves!!!!!  I know, I’m pissing into the wind.  Whatever.  Thanks for listening.  Now, me, and my colony, and two dogs, are going to dig some holes, and eat some cushions, and get treats.   That is all.


Happy Monday.  Rock On.


FB:  Marla Stonecipher

FB page:  Marla Stone. Enterprises, Inc. (LLC in good standing, Colorado, since 2000)


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