BUTTERS is inside the house, and editing stuff sucks when you don’t pay for WORD. 01/07/2020

img_02841-2Alrighty then, I worked the 9 to 5, then worked my stuff.  Just home.  11p.  My life is a circus, sideshow, and shitshow.  I want my dream world to be my real world, stat.

Best thing today?  I get inside the house, from the back, which is a minefield, even for me, AND…BUTTERS THE CAT IS IN HERE!!!

Woo hoo!! that is all for today.  Gotta work, 9 to 5, night, 9 to 5, and a whole “nother” bunch of jobs/dates/times I’m not sure I need to list here.

Still accepting jobs, hours, and whatever you can come up with the cash to pay me to do.


Rock On.  Over and out Scouts.


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