Sunday. 01/12/2020

Today was supposed to be A-day where I met old friends for lunch.  And, the path led to a cancelation of lunch, a change of meeting location, whereupon I learned information, regarding a terrific, horrific car accident.  Then later, of others being stricken by badd things.

I have no words.  I have no advice.  I am stunned.

I am not writing anything else today.

And, I was worried about the fact that I have no resume, current, on paper.

Yeah, who cares.

Upbeat side?  Butters is not stuck in the vent.  Vent is semi fucked.  Butters ok. Heat on, although a bit misdirected.  And, I’m here, healthy, and cannot change a thing.

Gratefully,  Marla Fucking Stone. (aka:  Marla Stonecipher)

That is all. Love. 15788762321224154782573048589139.jpg







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